Is This Real Life?

‘Is this real life?’ is a new feature I am developing to explore the lives of stylish people and their habitats. From photographers, DJs, designers to students, it is a peek into the lifestyle of different subcultures and emerging visionaries that will shape our world from their very own individual spaces.

If you have something to say or show and you want to allow some like minded and eager souls to explore your world, your work and your vision from your eyes, whether you are still at school, in university or an industry professional email me:

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Is This Real Life?: S.T.A.G studio Aberdeen

Dead on The Sidewalk
A S.T.A.G studio shoot featuring a collection by Jaime Johnstone.

S.T.A.G (Scottish Talents And Graduates) Studio is a new Scottish fashion company focused on promoting the Scottish fashion industry. I’m tremendously interested in this as although I live in London, I study in Aberdeen, Scotland and can see such great potential for the city to develop a notable cultural hub BUT I also see the lack of significant promotion and platforms for talented creatives to have their work noticed and that really is a shame to me! That is why I am very very happy to post that S.T.A.G is bringing Aberdeen its very first pop up shop on Saturday 20th August at Korova Klub from 1pm-6pm (put it in your diary!) giving you the opportunity to buy direct from designers on the day and get an insight into the varied designing, modelling, styling, photography (the list truly does go on) talents that Scotland has to offer.

I’ll be dragging myself there, to have a good look and pry (hopefully with a brand new SLR-hopefully!) Really do hope to see some of you there!