Friday, 25 November 2011

I've Moved....

After great consideration, I've decided to end this blog! Unfortunately I feel I have outgrown musings of a mentalist, it was created 3 long years ago, remember. I've loved writing (a lot of crap) on here and filling everyone in on the rather psychotic things I've gotten upto, but I've decided I'm far too adult (*ahem*) for such things and need to move onto bigger and more grown up things. Think of it more like, moving from a dingy student apartment to a swanky new apartment (that isn't that swanky, and needs a lot of help...but has potential) and you're ALL invited. keep up to date with my tumblr blog to see my more poetic musings, photography and design, fashion and visual inspirations!

I'm really going to miss it here *wanders off to cry in corner hysterically*

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Back Back BACK

Exam done. Fashion show attended. Articles (nearly) written. Things are almost returning to their banal normal, which is disheartening at most, especially as I had such a great time feasting my eyes upon Laura Sheriffs' provocatively placed feathers and Jaime Johnston's spiked heel-less platforms, but more on that later. To look forward to however, There is the S.T.A.G pop-up shop on saturday and I have the great joy of helping out the Vauxhall Fashion Scout award winners backstage at LFW, So I am ecstatic about that and only have to wait about 3 weeks until that all gets underway. Then after that, back to uni.

Here's a set that kind of resembles what I wore to the apocalyptic gothic style of the Laura and Jaime fashion show in Aberdeen on sunday.
fashion show

This song is something i'm currently listening to as one of my friends is heading to Berlin to intern for a year, although I hope she has a lot of fun I'm really going to miss her!
Robots in Disguise - I live in Berlin

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'll be back

until 18th of August.

Ok, so I promised you designer profiles in the lead-up to LFW, and in the absence of that it seems that I have lied. However, I’m here to tell you that I am not a big fat stinking liar, I have been caught up in personal shmehminameh and hoo haa, I’ve been awkwardly dancing as an extra for a movie shot on redchurch st and I’ve been studying for an exam coming up that’s ready to recklessly violate and stretch my minds perimeters. So please excuse me this and I promise I’ll be back upon the completion of the evil examination.

rolling through shoreditch

Anyhow, heres a quick set based on outfits ive been wearing wondering round Shoreditch (I’m pretty sure my lazy approach to dressing has culminated in me looking homeless) before the riots which made me shut myself in at home praying for the youth of today and the safety of Londoners.

Baths- Lovely bloodflow

p.s. I accidently deleted my bloglovin' account (feel sorry for me, please!) so if you feel so inclined to follow me there again i will be so pleased. Drop me a message/email/comment/tweet etc. when you do, I like knowing who you all are and what you're all upto! Is anyone on tumblr or flikr as well? if you are, pop your web addresses in the comment box!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I’ve got something I would quite like to introduce to you. Bloggers and blog readers, meet . Definitely in my top 5 online magazines, fashion156 produces sublimely styled and innovative shoots monthly and delivers brand spanking new coverage on emerging designers, photographers and the (fashionable) like. It really is a go-to source for anyone with an interest in fashion. I recommend it for the simple fact that there are many people with an interest in fashion without any knowledge of the industry, its imperative that anyone intending to go into fashion is acquainted with what that entails. I think we all know its not all Vogue and Chanel, yet there seems to be an oversaturation of people trying to get into fashion who don’t quite know what’s going on. Its so important that you have a comprehensive knowledge of designers, photographers, exhibitions and even musicians and artists. Trust me this is the wealth and education of anyone in fashion because not only does it allows you to develop your tastes and hone your eye, it also makes you employable! so take a moment to bookmark and let your fashion education begin. And that brings me to the point of this post.

Recently I have become quite disillusioned with the idea of higher education, the degree I’m doing had, I thought, no relevance to the grand visions I had for my future (I’m studying English and film culture). Strangely, as troubled thoughts of dropping out and interning till I had a palpable knowledge swirled around in my head, Fashion156 brought up The Debate . Basically, it’s a post on the fashion156 blog discussing the benefits of experience in fashion vs. the benefits of a degree, so I thought I would be of use to people reading this whether you’re still at school, in uni or have finished a degree. Wade in and give your two cents, you never know who your opinion might help!

Ps. As not to end my recent (egotistical and big-headed) trend of putting music in my posts here’s my current favourite track.

Givvers – Up up up

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Countdown to LFW.

So on Saturday, the 2 month countdown to LFW began. I am terribly excited, being a born and bred Londoner I get excited about any sort of international focus on my beloved city. I’m like a proud and pushy parent wanting to show off the many talents of my child and LFW is definitely a chance to showcase London. We natives get an even greater creative license to go all out with our sartorial dress, (as if night outs in Shoreditch weren’t enough!) and get a chance to reveal our many raw design talents and our eccentric style in front of the world.

London really is the multi-cultural melting pot of style and design when it comes to renowned fashion weeks. New york is sophiscated urban minimalism, Milan embodies glamazon goddesses in sexualised tailoring, paris presents gamine and androgynous chic, whilst in London, anything (cool and eccentric) goes! So with that in mind, I’ve decided that once a week in the coming months until fashion week, I will post on my favourite designers past and present that show in London and embody that true brit insouciance and cool. What are all of your favourite British designers?

P.S. this is my new favourite song. (sorry, I keep shoving music into my posts, it probably comes from some deep seated egotism that makes me believe i have superior music taste, and for that I apologise.)

Lykke Li - Love out of lust.