Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Reasons for this Blog

Well the fact is.... quite frankly....well i dont have a reason. I suppose I have quite grandiose thoughts of myself and thus my feelings and inspirations must be published somewhere.
So here i find myself, and if you are reading this you may be wondering of the title- musings of a mentalist? Is this title warranted to yourself?
well the answer is quite matter of factly, yes.
at least in my world... which i may add is fitted with subscriptions of ELLE, Tatler and Vogue. oThus i am aware of todays trends and have not just emerged from some archaic cave in the mountains of kahiki-kiki (not exactly a place but you must understand its purpose I presume) and have began wearing arcane sorts of fashions in a futile bid to appear modish and chi-chi.
no no, that is not me at all. I am someone however that enjoys writing and is esoterically imaginative and thus this blog came about.
I plan to fill it with all sorts of weird and random thoughts and an event or two, a crush perhaps and lotsandlotsofFASHION some styles will hopefully captivate my readers (if i of course get any) and excite others to oblivion, hey perhaps hopefully I may even get some people who can relate because I sure as hell have noone who relates right now.
well I am someone who as perfected the art of knowing when to leave, I learnt swiftly after a brief spell in girls school, and therfore knowing this I guess I should do so now, but not before I tag this post mentalist because now...what else would be fitting?

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