Thursday, 29 January 2009

Demise of exams and resurrection of my insistent blogging

my exams are over so ive of course had numerous gins and tonics and got royally wasted...eugh! horrible embarassing things have ocurred in my life in the past few days yah disgusting... shopping has of course taken place.....

this fantasic lace dress (modeeled on taylor momsen in gossip girl) i bout for £15 i plan to snazz it up a little and may head to the haberdashery for various threads and ribbons and the like..

i also had hopes to buy this beautiful marc jacobs eugenie clutch at £173.50! (wow i hear you gasp) but funds are especially low
i did however manage to buy numerous shoes, well 4 pairs one studded suede number, one gucci inspired strappy studded model and a snakeskin warrior pair of heels that are fanatabulous, and a simple pair of black courts
i bought my turqouise ring which i've been wearing everyday for just under a week on my pinky finger and i bought 6 other rings that shall be adorning my fingers for many timews to come.
i also bought a gorgeous pink tulle number from topshop thats so pretty and feminine i can't wait to defile it with something edgy (i have not yet invested in a leather jacket!!!) perhaps my snakeskin warrior heels or studded gucci-inspired numbers will do the trick.
i also bought a wonderful lipsy number which i question if its me or not but i shant be taking it back as there are a fine fair few number of ppl im sure will love to borrow it.
i have also had a penchant for negligee recently and bought many silk numbers.
ahh that reminds me i also bought a fantatsic pair of red satin 5 inch ankle strap shoes...delightful
i'm sure thats it...
i really have spent a lot recently eeek...
no more clubbing for a week...simply pubbing.

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