Friday, 2 January 2009

In the Zoe...

i have spent the whole day watching season 1 of project runway and the Rachel Zoe project. My lord do i hate that Taylor girl (Zoe's first assistant) she is such a moody bitch! but her style is pretty much on top form. Brad the new assistant has phenomenal style, for instance in this picture i love it. Zoe correctly identified it as ''very great gatsby''. Its NewEngland meets old english money. he wouldnt be out of place if he was wandering the rolling hills of shropshire in the early 20s,cigar in hand and some decrepid family dog beside him called Penry or something obscure.
well thats it, ive spent the last 4 hours stuffing my face with 2 large stuffed crust pizzas alongside my friend Jili (the one with the studded louboutins) and moaning about our lack of balmain. However my mum isgiving memoney on th 12th for uni and im going to buy some then im just gna have to live on bread andwater for 12 weeks after.
But i'll look good.

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