Friday, 2 January 2009

Sexy Studs

These two glorious pairs of shoes are designed by Burberry. The first one (with the big studs) is about 2 seasons old and i still desperately love them. The second is this season burberry shoe, and well hmm... i appreciate the aesthetic but there is something hardcore and edgier about the first don't you think?...
I really want them. £495...damn.

look at this Louboutin designed piece of sexiness, also about 2 seasons old but when something looks this good who cares? My friend Jili has a pair and the first time i saw them she wore it with denim leggings and a huge over sized white tshirt and faux fur jacket.
she quite simply looked STELLA.

Now, look at these gorgeous chloe studded boots. This particular pair belongs to Erin Wasson. These are an amaze pair of boots.
I want these.
You got to love studs.

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Royal said...

Loving all these studded boots! Your blog is looking badass. I'll visit again.