Friday, 6 March 2009

Living Venus (LV)

i was going to post about Balmain.
but everyone already has.
Feeling slightly despondent of late and finding the only way i'm happy is with sunshine pouring through my window, red wine at my lips and my richmond sparked up between my fingers.
i somehow feel that somewhere amidst all this, all that i've been through and am going through that i've lost something, something that may or may not be impalpable and insignificant.
In fact i sort of miss my ex, who IS a fantastic guy.
i certainly miss his company.
Maybe thats what it is.Male company.
company with someone you care dutifully about and you know exactly where you are with them.
I think thats a perfectly normal thing to miss
Aside from that i want a Louis Vuitton Speedy. I used to think they were soo expensive but at just over £400 theyr not at all. i have a tiny Tod's bag and a small Escada that are more expensive. And god knows that my chanel (which i only have to add another £100 for eee!) is a damn sight FAR MORE expensive!
this one is hot but last years s/s collection i will have to search and search to get a hold of it.
the classic.

Beautiful. but its made of a canvas material which could probably get dirty easily...this upsets me
Which to get?

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