Sunday, 7 June 2009


Those above are pictures from my Friday night at Minival. Note the random red ball I'm holding...yes i did steal it from a golf course...i cant wear my converses either because they are soaked with marsh water and my wet look leggings are covered in sand and memories of a guy called Euan...mmhmm.
Naturally in my prudish unhappiness only kisses were exchanged :(

However tonight because of much inspiration from my new fave blog CigarettesAndHighHeels ( i am going out with my sister and her dance crazy lot for some SHINY and SEXUAL (i just love the girls @ c&hh) outings
thus i shall be wearing this pink strapless number (new look thank you) and cropped tuxedo jacket (primark thank you) with either my snake skin shoes and studded over sized clutch (thank you new look and thank you Giles deacon for new look) or my studded shoes and gold bag (thank you primark for my Gucci wannabes and thank you mummy for realising a girl needs seasonal Louis vuitton in her capsule new look, H&M and primark wardrobe)
think I'm going for the studded bag and snake skin shoes tonight
with of course my gold bangles,multiple ring and super king Richmond's
I'm going to look like a hippie gladiator with no ashtray...
nothing out of my ordinary there.
shiny shiny!


Platform Princess said...

I love you!!

I've spent most of the day catching up with all the blogs, having been away, so i've only just seen this. You are just the cutest!

Shiny shine,

PP x

miky said...

wow fr th dres ... a riel wow!!!