Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You know THAT episode of SATC....

The one where carrie needs a place to live...
and is like ''' i have 40 manolos at $400 each and i cant afford a place to live...''
thats how i feel right now
i have 7 designer bags ranging from £650-£1600
an ugly escada couture dress (it is ugly i just cant sell it cus ...its couture dahhhling!)
escada shoes, gina shoes and gucci shoes all £350+
tooo many ysl cosmetics
and 7chanel nailpolishes at £18 each
5 of which i dont use
why God?
Why would you not make my income match my lifestyle?
understand that i like to look shiny whilst i get shiny
How will i flirt with attractive men in my local old mans pub drinking frosty jacks and wearing combats and flip flops?
understand that i love sequins and well tailored blazers....
im living off cranberry juice and oreos oh oh ohoh ohhhhh


Stacy said...

love the satc reference

and it's ok to love shiny things haha so good luck with everything!


Marlboro Martini said...

I am all about the shiny shine and not eating properly.

Dude, how else would one want to live? Although stop spending money on SHINY UGLY CRAP!!!

Muchos loveness

MM x

the maisies said...

ohh i love that episode.

Royal said...

Never watched SATC. They all annoyed me but wanting more than what you can have is basically how everyone is.