Friday, 10 July 2009


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We are all human, (welli'm simply assuming) thus we are all prone or suceeptible to it.


It's quite painful to feel that sort of chewed up, damaged feeling inside of you. Especially when you feel like you truly deserve something, that you've tried hard enough to have earnt it, or perhaps you know you don't deserve it and that makes you question your self worth ''is there any point to me at all?''

Envy is a misunderstood emotion.

the mention of it projects discontent, insecurity and resentment, But these are human feelings and shouldnt it be acceptable to vent ones discontent, to affront one's insecurities and to address one's resentments?

we live in a society where people are lauded for their successes and then berated at a single turn or flicker of misdemeanor. surely this must be envy?

hmm who knows....

frankly i think its unfair to villify people for experiencing an emotion that is commonplace and key to humanity-if we didnt feel envy what would push us to succeed?- surely one cannot deny this?

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