Thursday, 22 October 2009

i remember this, can you?


It's late...It's also a school night...soo if your still in school i hope youre in bed, whilst the rest of us are drunkenly blogging and texting farcical italian smouldering men who have crossed the line of smouldering and turned out creepy... and stupid

such a shame really, i had high hopes on his smoulderingness' ability to pull me out of spinster mode.

lesson learnt: some men were looking for their marbles when God was handing out common sense. Unfortunately nice shoes and attractive faces don't make up for asinine behaviour and crazy talk.

and you should have heard some of the crazy talk.

from henceforth, I lock my doors at night.


Platform Princess said...

Smouldering Italian men... do tell!

PP x

Annie said...

gotta love alexander mcqueen :D

love annie <3

Marlboro Martini said...


This post made me laugh alot, and now I am officially in love with you.

I updated and you are the first person I thought to tell. I couldn't handle you being irritated at me.

MM x