Thursday, 15 October 2009

There are things i am very good at....

such as moaning and being, in some men's opinion, 'the funniest woman to walk the earth' (if one meets me, it takes only a few seconds to realise i have a very dry, sarcastic and sardonic humour which most people find hilarious, when they realise I'm not mean on purpose-it just comes naturally to me).
So, despite my obvious charms I've been wondering why i seem to not only have no romantic inclination to anyone (asexuality?), but why noone has a romantic inclination to me (countless hours looking in the mirror, am i ugly?) when only a couple of years ago whilst still at school i was fighting boys off with sticks-i suppose they all just wanted to get laid and realised i wasn't the one that put out easily...
But, staying on subject, i had an alcohol drenched skype dinner with a good male friend where we talked about my inability to ensnare a decent man (well not ensnare but...well you know). Perhaps dumping my last boyfriend (who was ridiculously good looking(just got scouted by VNY in new york), intelligent(turned down VNY because he's studying at Yale) and kind to me) was my downfall...i couldn't see a good thing when it was right in front of me.
well at least that was my suggestion
the good male friend had another idea.
''funny women are intimidating, a woman with a sense of humour is intelligent and confident to be relaxed, no man wants that..we want low self esteems and ineptitude we want flailing damsels and insecure banshees not some sparkling siren, wielding spears and sarcasm.''
I tell you what, I've been thinking about that all day, he's says he was joking but it sure does sound like theres more than an element of truth to it.
Explains why after a conversation the men that are still interested in me are the arrogant ones (AKA ridiculously good looking potential model ex boyfriend), oh well, i like ridiculously good looking arrogant men paying me attention...but why are there so few of them?
speaking of ridiculously good looking...
Cole mohr anyone?



Annie said...

i hate men.
enough said.


Marlboro Martini said...

I'm going to marry this man. I haven't even read the post because I was so excited by his beauty I decided to write this first.

He is delightful.

MM x

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