Sunday, 8 November 2009

chanel &sweats


I wish i owned that bag. ive just bought the shoes and skirt though WHOOP WHOOP
and jewelled cuffs from accesorize yummy :D
i also just want to put out here in the blogosphere to sellers of givenchy nightingale bags...reducing a $1085 bag to $1063 does not constitute a sale with that $22 difference converted into GBP i can barely buy lunch...but then again givenchy ppl you probably dont want me munching and making my fat ass fatter right?
i am very drunk with swedish model, bebe and im currently blogging in a strangers house on a randoms laptop...hes letting me do it because i told him i was looking for porn.....bag porn


Annie said...

those shoes are MUST have!
great post!

i'm back to blogging btw :D

love annie xx

FabBlab said...

Ashish! Wooo, fellow Indian! I love him. He's such an inspiring designer.

And, the Forever21 hoodie is so irrevocably un hoodie-like, I fell in love.

Marlboro Martini said...


still funny! v

Love you.

MM x

Macro is... said...


you are the only blog i read commentary on co its funny_ please update< please


little shadow said...

Hahahahaha, this post made me laugh.
And might I say that you have excellent taste in porn..bag porn that is.