Thursday, 31 March 2011

get your BRIGHTS out.

very happy with my new blank jeans from glassworks (click the lnk above), theyr so comfy and less than £40 and my new topshop creepers! im also on a MAJOR white blazer search. was going nuts for them last summer and didnt find one, but this year, THIS YEAR! i shall own a white blazer, because im not going to give up!

heading back to Londonium tomorrow (sans camera, ive lost it :( ), very excited to be back home!

*i've got some things from Burberry to just taking my sweet time.


Lala said...

Those jeans look like the perfect fit, I hate when skinny jeans go baggy!

I'm wearing yellow nail polish right now :)

STEFANIE said...

ooh that bag looks wonderful! I'm on a white blazer hunt as well, hope I can find one! :)

Anonymous said...