Sunday, 9 August 2009

Don't hate me....

i haven't blogged in ages.... Honestly I've been milling around scared shitless about failing my exams (yet not opening a book) and fraternising with a very HOT stranger i met at the gym, the HOT stranger chat has however fallen to pieces as after numerous coffees, lunches and a 'follow-me-around-while-i-shop' I found out he has a gf thus i am not impressed and have backed well off (most men= scum)

i have however made a couple of purchases i will post pics later when i haven't got an hour and a half to get to work and am still in my silk nightie (Ooh!) but I'm totally feeling things that are sheer right now. i bought this gorge long black sheer blouse that i cant stop wearing through it over a racy bra and jeans for daytime sexy (I've long since stopped dressing for women not to call me a slut) or over a tiny little tight black skirt for that 'I've covered my flesh but you can still see it' night time feel. i also purchased this cute floral sheer blouse with an elasticated waist and cute little buttons but it look stupid buttoned up so i wear it over deconstructed tees and leggings and it looks hot in that 'it has no purpose because it doesn't keep me warm or keep me cool, it just useless and pretty' sort of way.

also bought too many shoes.. a cute purple suede pair, a black stiletto heeled shoe boot thingy, a cute pair of wedges that i got for £3!!!!!(river island sale-I never go in there, so glad i did that day!), and my booties from new look not worn them yet....haven't had time and all my tall friends have been away so i would look like a tool at 5''9 wearing 4 inch heels (thus 6''1) next to my 5''4 Aussie mate who is in flats- you know what i mean?

OK so last but most definitely not least.....i have the jumbo black lambskin Chanel came mid week and i nearly died, the leather is SO soft its crazy I've been scared to take it out but went out on weds with it and this girl nearly stampeded me ooh-ing and aah-ing as she caressed my leather i wasn't best pleased nearly screamed at her to get her greasy paws off (she obviously didn't know how many years I'd pandered after this-5, how many months it had just been out of my reach-11 how many hours i sat at home that day waiting for the postman-7 how many times i went into the Chanel store and just breathed in, inhaling coco's legacy-countless)

ah anyhow must dash have work...I'm really starting to hat my life where work is concerned...I'm feeling it stifles me sartorially. always having to wear their new collection rather than my glorious new booties and sheer tops. I'll annoy my boss by wearing my converses with my kaftan....i think he quite enjoys my outfit mix ups...he once said i was very ''urban hippy marries into English royalty'' but that was probably because i was rocking tweed with wet look leggings headbands feathers and oversized me-it worked.


Jowy said...
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Jowy said...

U have the jumbo black lambskin Chanel 2.55, awesome dude!

One Love,

Platform Princess said...

Woooooooow, you have a 2.55.

There are no words.

PP x

Jowy said...

SWEET u got 2.55! want it too!

hihihi thnx for ya comment!
And yezzz u may steel my drawing, hehhe..

By the way u can follow my diy and drawings with bloglovin if ya like.
One Love,