Sunday, 30 August 2009


There's something so grown up about getting paid and although it's my birthday on MONDAY (oooh im gna be older!!) you would think i should have began feeling a lot older a while ago. I mean this year i moved away from home OFFICIALLY officially. no more boxed up crap still at momma's crib-no way! i pay my own bills and have only gone crying to mummy and papa for their pocket change once this year! ( :/ ) i buy my own clothes and do what i want when i want without feeling guilty (thats a lie my older sister still scares the crap out of me despite only a 2 year age difference) and it kinda got me thinking about being young and the habits you grow old with. Don't worry i'm not gonna go all deep and heavy on you and start asking about the meaning of life but i just want to question the idea of choices and where we think we are going. i love it when i see kids with plans, they know who they want to be, where they want to go and when they want to be there. I look at my little sister sometimes (shes 13 on weds AHHH) and i think shes so much more wiser than i was at her age. she sat my mum down and told her she'd chosen the school she wanted to spend the rest of her school years in it went like this:

*lists pros and cons of the 2 possible school choices and dispelled her current school as one*
''so its really either BLAH (some random school in connecticut, USA) or BLAH BLAH (some boarding school she will be attending in sepetember)
and needless to say we kind of had to give it to her i mean a 13 year old has chosen her future and is carving it as her own, can you really stand in the way of that? damn i'm envious of her zeal and determination- i dont evenhave that sort of attitude now. I'm just plodding along and blogging along. So i've made a promise to myself to try and be more assertive in this new year of my life. Heck knows i won't be fully sucessful and will falter more times than i would care to admit- but that's life and that's ok but there's no harm in trying, right?
onto less pressing matters than self,
New clothing?


DRESS (brand spanking new) h&m, bag (new) chanel, scarf (new-ish) h&m, shoes (old) primark


Boarding School Betty said...

I HAVE THOSE SHOES. In tan, but... meh. You were right about the blogsphere soulmate thingy then?
Boarding School Betty

Marlboro Martini said...


I saw this title and my immediate response was - well i don't.

NY Fashion week will be the end of me and I'm annoyed...

Why don't you just give me the 2.55 and make me feel better...?