Sunday, 30 August 2009

'The thing about music- when it hits you you feel no pain'

I honestly couldn't decide which of these videos to post (YES! i do know i havent posted in ten days SPANK ME if you dare! i was ill is my excuse, possibly with swine flu, perhaps with bird flu or if the child of swine and bird flu was to mate with SARS and then produced a mutatedly evolved child with a resistance to calpol-thats what i had). i was kinda feeling a post about SIA us shes is sh*t hot and this track has been saturating my ear drums for a couple of months with its melodic beauty. SIA also happens to be the most amazing export since 4th and bleeker. and going to stalk on her blog today, this fine morning i noticed the second song playing and i wasnt familiar with the desert sessions cover of QOTSA- but i love it!

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