Saturday, 30 January 2010

this just happens to be a really bad time of year for me...



Not quite sure why...but im slipping into the january blues and im not quite too bothered about anything..and ive not had to work for ages and dont go back until next week, so my self worth has dropped too, and im being pursued by a midget man....yes really all 5''5 him. He keeps texting me and i honestly only reply to 1 in 3 of his texts and even then they are 1 word answers! But he doesnt give up. so im losing my confidence i the srt of men i attract...until of course wednesday night, when whilst dancing like a prat to dubstep i eyed (and preyed upon) a very attractive stranger...we got talking, he bought all my friends tequila, laughed at my impressive and lethal shapes i took to the dancefloor ( :/ ), and then he took my number. I WAS ECSTATIC. i'd met someone normal who could dress and didnt look like he was on any form of non-prescription and thus illegal drugs. so i waited for him to text me..

and waited....

and then PING! it cam upon me a whole 3 days later-way too keep a lady witing you sexy engineer man you! (yeah he doesnt work in the arts...a definite first for me) and i was glad it was such a cute lil text that was flirty-enough- and funny and just cute and in my happiness at his perfectly funny and witty text i pressed delete rather than reply...

only i hadnt saved his number yet...

so now hes probably sitting there thinking there was something wrong with his perfect text whilst i literally am throwing a tantrum about how the 1 perfect guy i meet, i managed to fuck it up by not taking his number.

oh and did i mention the photographer who i went to paris with and he bought me a LV damier azur neverfull? i didn't. well hes an ass and IM KEEPING THE BAG

and my flatmate has decided shes going to paint our really cool red bathroom white...i am furious about it and because its her mums flat i cant say anything about just not gonna help writing this instead haha

ive decided i need to get away (and move out-my flatmates a nice girl but i hate her tastein clothes and men and if i see her ugly,stupid gargantuan boyfriend again im going to stake him-what sort of idiot doesnt know what the haiti disaster is?) so me and my friends are going to LA hence the picture...i need to get out of here.

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F Blog said...

ahh that is balls.
but awesome tht you are going to LA. have an amazing time.
ps berlin trip was super cheap.. booked the hotel + flight together on