Saturday, 13 February 2010

Double cuff and diamante hot pant glory


Jacket Topshop, striped sweater Topshop, Hotpants Topshop

checked shirt vintage, grey cardigan shawl Elizabeth and James, cuffs Primark
I was especially snap happy in the topshop changing rooms as you can see...i already own the big fluffy thing but wanted to see how it went with the diamate shorts....which i love and now possess whoop!...and the striped sweater was nice too but strangely enough i didnt feel the urge to buy it...damn. i took a close up pic of my double cuff obsession here too. Literally if i see a nice cuff i say 'i'll take two'. it was proving to be quite expensive especially when i saw a gorge fendi cuff priced at £163. i did stand and think about it for a while and then thought is it fair that because of your need for fashion you have to multiply the price by 2? i realised i was being stupid and left and found these primark ones for 50p each!!!! £1 studded silver and leather double cuff-ness..perfection
my new sparkly hotpants and some 'fuck-off' heels are going to dragged about town tonight...with my darling Jordon. who is splendid...i once affectionately asked him if he'll be the Lambert to my Gaga...he said yes.


Clara said...

love your bracelets
great look

Marlboro Martini said...

I kinda did those shorts. FYI More pics please - you have such an amazing face!

MM x

Marlboro Martini said...

FYI, now taking myself to- eek- primark tomorrow.

Need to cuff up for fashion week.

yum x x

Blicious said...

LOVE your shorts!!! cute blog!



Platform Princess said...

Mother of God, some be a shiny slut.

You look amazing!