Friday, 12 March 2010

'If i'm so evil, why are you satisfied?'

This week has been tough, i've moved and written what i think are two decent essays, yay! I'm also incredibly single-individually wrapped to f***.

I'm actually sort of miserable about it, after moaning about my 'need for space' and how i enjoy 'time on my own' and blah blah 'i shave my legs but im sort of a feminist' blah de fucking blah The Boy and i decided to have a chat, we wanted two different things, him- a relationship, me- a flighting sense of freedom. Neither of us were getting what we wanted from our relationSHIT so on monday-POOF! and it was gone...

and now i have noone to eat buckets of kfc and watch superbad with on friday nights, or drink beer and 'whisper' audibly rude remarks about people who are standing next to us at the bar, or who can enjoy my leather dress/trouser/skirt/hotpant fetish with me without looking like a leering perv....but such is life.

did anyone see Tom Ford's A Single Man? it was fricking excellent, and theres this guy from madrid in it who is PHWOAR!!! and he says 'mother always said lovers are like buses...theres always going to be another one' and im going to take that advice rather than bemoaning about how incomplete i feel.

im going to get very drunk tonight-in fact im drunk right now...a bowl of coco pops and one-okay two- bacon sandwiches should not be mixed with half a bottle of red wine...

i swear wine and beer arethe only decent drinks worth drinking....cocktails are like juice i have no time for them.


Marlboro Martini said...

OMG OMG OMG I am too having boy drama-rama. I cannot bring myself to write about just yet.

There will be others. You're hot, I'm hot. Men are c*nts.

FYI - Just read your twitter page 2ce. WHY ARE YOU SO FUNNY? I love it a lot.

MM x

Anonymous said...

I've awarded you the scribble award, please drop my my blog sometime for details!