Saturday, 3 April 2010

An absence coerced by stylized alcoholism



EUGH! i feel disgusting, i have had a 3 week bender, started with my flatmate bringing round an attractive american male to stay for 5 days, so i showed him a good time by getting him routinely drunk and introducing him to my friends...lets just say after he left, the party didn't stop there...

Gigs, boys in bands, booze and leather doth not a good girl make... i remember 2 rather harrowing moments, the first is where my i volunteered to let my new 'friends' take shots off my leather cladded ass-don't judge me! the second actually truly disturbs me, i somehow found myself on my own walking the streets totally out of my mind and i sat down on this random marble bench opposite some bins. on the floor beside the bins was vomit and a pair of boots, ok and this is were it gets bad, these boots looked pretty cool, the sort of flat boots every fashionista would like in her wardrobe sort of like frye boots, basically they were hot. so i picked them up, carefully bypassing the vomit and shimmyed back to my bench in my denim cutoffs and inspected them closely, they were my size and smelt a little funky, and i kid you not, i went as far as taking my shoes off....but i didnt put them on because at this point my friend, Dan came along and was like 'WTF? lola i hope youre not gonna wear some bin-vomit shoes..' and now he hasn't let me live it down.

but thats youre girl, still on the hunt for wardrobe staples @ 4am drunk on jagermeister...

im looking forward to the next couple of weeks where i shall run from alcohol, feast on chicken wings and watch dexter-its sooo good


Marlboro Martini said...

OMG drunk vomit FRYE boots... I dunno I kinda would have swiped them I mean thats a saving of about £250 quid for freeness... Lola, you know how I love freeness.

And Kudos for the epic three weeks - sounds like you need to hibernate for a few days, hibernation was my easter weekend, yes it was but then this week I got right back on that vodka train... :-$

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Oh the limits we push for fashion. "Beauty hurts" and fashion vomit??