Monday, 27 December 2010

I'm a Liar...

gallery opening

gallery opening by Miss Daisy Chain featuring louis vuitton handbags

I'm a liar because i promised i was back and well i havent posted in 3 months! i feel so bad about it, i love posting here, so i'm going to try more often, honestly there is not a lot to post about, my life has been sartorially disturbed by cold weather and my mental delinquency which has made me sit in the the house for the past 2 months moaning at my coupled up flatmates about how miserable my life is. But the outfit i put together was for one of my first nights out in TOO long, i wondered along to the TATE to look at the turner nominees an then onto a friends for a rather sparse plate of food and a great dal of wine before heading to (mindblank...somewhere east, i was drunk and cant remember) where i got extra excited and grinded on hot models and got them to give me piggy backs til we could find a taxi back to hampstead. i'm actually really glad i went out, finally felt like me again after being the depressing bore i have been of late!

geek chic..?

geek chic..? by Miss Daisy Chain featuring a proenza schouler handbag
Havin bought myself a great pair of new frames from colette in paris and had them filled in with my usual prescription (i'm actually very blind) i've embraced my love of tailoring to all new heights. Before it was all about sexualising officewear despite the fact i dont even work in an office, i wanted billowing sheer shirts unbuttoned low to expose lace bra straps (intentionally) and tight grey pencil skirts with fitted black blazers and sky high heels with a smal studded suff or a bib necklace, something to give it a modern and quirky edge. Now, i just want my comfy ballet flats or brogues, with knee high socks whilst i hide behind my glasses and berets. IVE BECOME AMELIE (plus optical lenses). However i cant deny my love of leather and high waists that runs with me everywhere.
this has sort of become a usual look for me, i blame american apparel, having always been a fan and being holed in one for an hour and half in a snow storm whilst i was in glasgow (i could leave but i was enthralled by the city shorts) i literally spent my whole monthlywage in that place. now have a plethora of button down shirts, a myriad of high waisted cord, cuffed and high waisted shorts, denim pencil skirts, cable knit sweaters, pastel cardigans and deep v neck tees. i literally had enough shopping to drown the city of glasgow.
love it though, fits all my wonderful gap basics!
its late nw so got to shoot to bed gonna try and see the llusionist tomorrow! been waiting fr it for ages!


globetrotter said...

That shirt at the very top is amaaaazing!
Great post! :)



the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

Great fashions here.


Glad to see you are back.

Happy New Year from Harley Wood!

Peace and love, X

popdisorder said...

the second outfit looks like something from Gossip girl (oh no I am not obsessed with her haha)
anyways great collages