Tuesday, 7 September 2010

luxury IS camel coats and studs...you heard it hear first

luxury IS camel coats and studs...you heard it here first by Miss Daisy Chain featuring christian louboutin shoes

In my honest humble opinion, luxury is about comfort. If acquiring something makes you uncomfortable financially, physically or emotionally, it sure aint a luxury! (this is relevant to shoes and men!)
The set above is an example of my personal style, I take risks with my style whilst trying to play it safe. It's an interesting place to be, like i'm teetering around the edge in stillettos with a rusty harness. I'm currently wearing the look right now minus celine bag-like i have that kind of money! and minus christian louboutin louis shoes-soon, i shall own those beauties soon! and minus azzedine alaia platforms-again-like i have that kind of money! i have replaced the sweet studded hi tops with my beat up converses, i love the contrast of my ugly shoes with my brand spanking new ankle length camel coat courtesy of very.com (thanks twiggy) and ive been rubbing the waxy chanel rouge coco all over my lips over the past couple of days as though i were some sort of crusty old harlot vying for customers-but i like it.
the turban(-inator) was a little thing i picked up on my second trip to new york this year and i decided it was someething i would be working into my personal style, y'know, just because. I enjoy it muchas.
is there anything you guys are wearing this new season thats a rework of the typical trends?
I wanna know...


Marlboro Martini said...

My life is tee-shirts, jeans and stiletto heels. What more is there???

MM x

she'll bartend your party said...

luxury IS about comfort, so true! I love all of those pieces-- so effortless. I agree so much with your comment on my post - those blogs are very inspiring but also sometimes depressing ha! i want to be in all of the pictures usually! x

globetrotter said...

Those sneakers are awesome.
And I'm loving your writing!


Fernanda Azaria said...

I couldn't agree more. I love those picks you displayed, they're so effortless yet edgy.

D Wurz said...

These pictures and your writing are sso freshh. I am a guy and i still love this blog. Keep up the good work!