Friday, 11 February 2011


I don't know what it is about this track but it gets me all 'RA-ARGHGAHHAHARAHRURGHGA'
if that makes no sense im not surprised.
all you need to know is that 'chains and whips excite me' apparently.

I'm in desperate need of night out though, where I will wear skimpy clothes and my new MAC girl about town lipstick and sort of just strut. I have too much fun on those nights and but I cant really do them when I'm not in london/ brighton/ leeds/ manchester/ newcastle because people look at you funny. I am trying to get over it and become more daring in other places than my hometown but being in a small university town leads to lots of talk, even if im going for a Pheobe Philo minimalist look I hear a lot of backchat.
I'm sort of thinking of a new blogging concept I will run alongside this one that addresses that matter head on, I might even let my uni friends see it!
But running on the S&M theme, heres a kinky sort of shoot with Lara Bingle.
Is it just me or or are maximalist sex-driven shoots hard to find nowadays, everyone seems to be afraid to get models naked unless its done 'artfully'. Where's Terry Richardson when you need him? with Anna wintour behind the bike shed...? go figure. (you know where to go for those images)






Lara Bingle x Stephen Ward+Georges Antoni


Taylor said...

I LOVE this post! Haha I know what you mean about not being able to really wear what you want because of the town you're in. People are silly.

Vilte said...

I love this type of style and the song S&M. I used to be a bit funny on how people look at me but they don't know me so why should I try to prove myself to them? xoxo


Great post, what amazing pictures! Glad you enjoyed our mix, stay posted as we plan to record another one this week.

Peace and love,