Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I’ve got something I would quite like to introduce to you. Bloggers and blog readers, meet . Definitely in my top 5 online magazines, fashion156 produces sublimely styled and innovative shoots monthly and delivers brand spanking new coverage on emerging designers, photographers and the (fashionable) like. It really is a go-to source for anyone with an interest in fashion. I recommend it for the simple fact that there are many people with an interest in fashion without any knowledge of the industry, its imperative that anyone intending to go into fashion is acquainted with what that entails. I think we all know its not all Vogue and Chanel, yet there seems to be an oversaturation of people trying to get into fashion who don’t quite know what’s going on. Its so important that you have a comprehensive knowledge of designers, photographers, exhibitions and even musicians and artists. Trust me this is the wealth and education of anyone in fashion because not only does it allows you to develop your tastes and hone your eye, it also makes you employable! so take a moment to bookmark and let your fashion education begin. And that brings me to the point of this post.

Recently I have become quite disillusioned with the idea of higher education, the degree I’m doing had, I thought, no relevance to the grand visions I had for my future (I’m studying English and film culture). Strangely, as troubled thoughts of dropping out and interning till I had a palpable knowledge swirled around in my head, Fashion156 brought up The Debate . Basically, it’s a post on the fashion156 blog discussing the benefits of experience in fashion vs. the benefits of a degree, so I thought I would be of use to people reading this whether you’re still at school, in uni or have finished a degree. Wade in and give your two cents, you never know who your opinion might help!

Ps. As not to end my recent (egotistical and big-headed) trend of putting music in my posts here’s my current favourite track.

Givvers – Up up up


she'll bartend your party said...

ohhhh, love love love the new header! and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. i am still laptop-less, but it's nice to read comments still!

i think going to university and studying so hard for a degree that at times, seems pointless must be such a scary and depressing thing.

however, i do believe what you will learn, the life experience you will gain (cheesy i know!!) will be so helpful in your future career. i'm starting uni this september and whilst i'm scared (and have gotten some annoying comments when i say i'm doing english literature) it's a subject i truly love.. and i cannot wait to learn more about it. (i probably won't be saying this just before my exams haha).. but i've kind of lost the point of my ramble.

my mum always said if i work hard, i'll do well. and i like to apply that advice to everything. even though it's pretty vague, just try your best in uni and even if it doesn't turn out the way you expected, at least you tried.

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