Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'll be back

until 18th of August.

Ok, so I promised you designer profiles in the lead-up to LFW, and in the absence of that it seems that I have lied. However, I’m here to tell you that I am not a big fat stinking liar, I have been caught up in personal shmehminameh and hoo haa, I’ve been awkwardly dancing as an extra for a movie shot on redchurch st and I’ve been studying for an exam coming up that’s ready to recklessly violate and stretch my minds perimeters. So please excuse me this and I promise I’ll be back upon the completion of the evil examination.

rolling through shoreditch

Anyhow, heres a quick set based on outfits ive been wearing wondering round Shoreditch (I’m pretty sure my lazy approach to dressing has culminated in me looking homeless) before the riots which made me shut myself in at home praying for the youth of today and the safety of Londoners.

Baths- Lovely bloodflow

p.s. I accidently deleted my bloglovin' account (feel sorry for me, please!) so if you feel so inclined to follow me there again i will be so pleased. Drop me a message/email/comment/tweet etc. when you do, I like knowing who you all are and what you're all upto! Is anyone on tumblr or flikr as well? if you are, pop your web addresses in the comment box!


ALICE MARGO † said...

Love this outfit! The colours are gorgeous
The riots are awful arent they! Stay safe x

Susan, Eclectic Appeal said...

love the pleated pink skirt & shoesies :) I second alice's comment about the riots, they've not made their way to Glasgow as yet (and hopefully ever), but be sure to stay safe if you're still down south

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Take care ♥♥

Lola said...

Hey, I prob won't be in london for fashion week but I am there for fashion's night out on the 8th, you?


Jade said...

Love that gold necklace. Good luck with the exam xx

il ├ętait une fois... said...

gah!! this outfit is epic!!! xx

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful skirt!!! :D


Raez said...

Lovely set! I adore the mix of the floaty skirt and florals with the modern necklace and doc martens! How exciting to be a an extra on a movie, I'm sure it was worth skipping blogging for a bit; it's not a very common experience!

xx Raez

Anonymous said...

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Linh said...

Love the color combo in this outfit! I really like the look of your blog.