Thursday, 18 August 2011

Back Back BACK

Exam done. Fashion show attended. Articles (nearly) written. Things are almost returning to their banal normal, which is disheartening at most, especially as I had such a great time feasting my eyes upon Laura Sheriffs' provocatively placed feathers and Jaime Johnston's spiked heel-less platforms, but more on that later. To look forward to however, There is the S.T.A.G pop-up shop on saturday and I have the great joy of helping out the Vauxhall Fashion Scout award winners backstage at LFW, So I am ecstatic about that and only have to wait about 3 weeks until that all gets underway. Then after that, back to uni.

Here's a set that kind of resembles what I wore to the apocalyptic gothic style of the Laura and Jaime fashion show in Aberdeen on sunday.
fashion show

This song is something i'm currently listening to as one of my friends is heading to Berlin to intern for a year, although I hope she has a lot of fun I'm really going to miss her!
Robots in Disguise - I live in Berlin


Camilla said...

so much love for the bag :)

xo Camilla

mycouponbasket said...

Nice one dear. Loved your blog and i m equally grateful that I stumbled into your blog. Keep them coming.

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

I love this look! Sorry about your friends leaving, but I'm sure time will fly by and she will be back before you know it! Thanks so much for your sweet words (:

x Sea

Daisy Chein said...

where are you babygurrl? i haven't seen much of you online lately!

anyway, i love the pieces you chose :)



Thank you so much for your kind words on my post 'On Blogging' - it's people like you for whom I write and it really warms my heart when I realise that what I write actually interests people. I really enjoyed how you compared my blog to a magazine, I've never really sat down and thought very hard about what and how I blog, but before I went online I did used to make up my own 'magazines' with pictures and articles and sections. I guess 'fashion editor' is pretty dead set on and always has been.

I've never been interested in blogging as a popularity contest, and its sad that for so many it is so - besides, I imagine there are so many disadvantages to having hundreds of thousands of strangers getting a daily insight into your life ... 1000 is plenty enough for me!

As for your feelings on your degree and fashion, I am also an Eng Lit student (I'm 3/4 of the way through a my course at Leeds - plus I take French, hence why I'm in Paris this year.) I too have gotten study-fatigue, especially as I know my education stands in complete shadow of my industry experience, and I'm reluctant to go back and finish. Yet still, I hate to be a quitter, and it is entirely possible to intern and study simultaneously. I'm going to take a look at the Fashion 156 debate right now, so thanks for linking it.

Take care! Imogen x

Sarah Sayers said...

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A La Mode said...

Your blog header is awesome!

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vogue-sky said...

Love all the pics, fabulous style.

Bijoux said...

aaahhhhh I LOVE that bag!!!!

gaski said...