Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy new year

I'm gonna try and not make this any usual fashion and lifestyle blog post about 'happy holidays' or whatever...but I'm tipsy (drrrrunk) so no promises.

It's about a year since i actually took control of this blog and started posting regularly, or sort of regularly, and its kind of weird to read about my life a year ago as it all feels like yesterday. that's something i like about blogging, being able to put aside a moment of my day just to reflect and put down how i feel is a great way of helping me understand myself.

I don't know why i started this blog, maybe i just felt some form of grandiosity and felt like everyone needed to know how i felt or maybe i just wanted to output my self expression, whatever the reason, i enjoy it.

Fashion is a big part of my life. i truly enjoy it. I think most people outside of fashion don't understand those who revel in it and believe we take it too seriously or find it amusing that a bunch of fashionistas are running in uncomfortable footwear around contemporary building screaming their heads off about swatches and tailoring as if its life and death. But its all just a caricature of what fashion is.

I love the way in which there's so many ways to be well dressed.

i love that in this industry people are accepted regardless of where you come from, its all about what you re doing now and the chances you make for yourself, there's not many parts of society that can say they are that open. here the people with drive, ambition and talent succeed and work their way up from scummy jobs to editing international selling magazines and collaborating with some of the biggest design houses.

fashion is a celebration of the aesthetic and hey, some people think that its 'superficial' but i don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to show who you are through clothing, or for appreciating the intricacies of physicality or someones handiwork. fashion is an art form.

this year i think its really important for people to celebrate their body and their confidence by wearing things look good on them and make them feel good.

i think the past decade hasn't really done much for the confidence of ordinary people, and although the whole size zero ordeal seems to have long since gone with beautiful non-stick thin people gracing us with their formidable refinery (e.g. Julia restoin-roitfeld, Crystal Renn. ) alongside some of the more traditional stunners like lily d (i have so much love for that girl) i think people still need to find courage within themselves to not be afraid of fashion, to not be afraid of showing who they are. The 'popular kids' in fashio are the ones who express themselves through their style e.g kate lanphear (i really should add pics to this post). it just shows beauty comes in all shapes and sizes-but you knew that already and I'm just being patronising by saying it again- but I'm soo happy right now... because beyond everything i really think this is a year of change.

really i have hope...

i sort of want to believe that the years of the topshop/new look clone in weird coloured jeggings and floral tops has gone but i doubt that... but i have hope!

as for being cruel to men (apparently rejecting their advances but still taking the gifts is 'unacceptable conduct'- damn!) I'll try to stop that....but i do enjoy it.

i'll be nicer to my friends...the male ones too, a little understanding goes a long way after all.

I'll learn to save a little too...i want more Chanel!

but sending all my best wishes to you all this year, i hope you all get to where you deserve and have fun on the journey.
Love, kisses and my best wishes (i didn't mean for that to rhyme),


frances said...

this was a good read too! i miss drunk blogging.
as for silk shirts, i have a couple vintage ones but I got this

from H&M so they might have similar looks? Also maybe try whistles and zara! x

Marlboro Martini said...

I love you miss daisy chain, I love the way you write and you are one of the few bloggers I look forward to reading and who truly tickle my insides. Have a happy new year and please do not stop doing what you do best.

FYI - you are goiung on the blog roll - I'm not sure why you were not on there in the first place.

x x x

frances said...

Oh BRILL! Your mother sounds insane... visible underwear is a very good thing. As is looking cheap! Sorta. Kinda.
Anyway, I trust your judgement. What's the one you found look like? Actually, I'm expecting an outfit post. Or at least an inanimate-object-pretty-clothing-post to demonstrate. Zara is such a winner, I wish there was one closer to me.
But I'm glad to be of service! x