Monday, 21 December 2009

leather dresses dont always equate to dominatrix

So i totally bought that H&M leather dress in the polyvore is literally the best thing i have ever owned bar the ashish leopard print booties....that were too small *weep* so i had to take them back, that was depressing.
i made myself feel better by buying lots of cuffs, ive started buying 2 of the same because i quite like having one on each arm....i dont know if i made the identical cuff look up in my head or i saw it somewhere but its a great look. i have a whole bunch of studded ones and gold ones with semi-precious stones and as my friend johnny pointed out...'its kinda fetish'.
i think fetish is the look ive been going for subconsconciously,i have a penchant penchant for leather,i now own 2 leather skirts, a leather dress, leather corset-ann summers hahah-, leather trousers, leather hotpants and a fringed harley davidson jacket, all bought within one month and i ADORE studs...studs everywhere please.
i cant help myself for underwear for outerwear either, or 'ounderwear' as my lil sis calls it. i shimmy-ed into work on monday with leather pants and 'fuck off' silver matallic heels (fuck off heels = VVVVVHOT AND HIGH HEELS) with a white shirt nowhere near covering my sequin bra what if it was snowing? i had my gorgeous new fur moscow hat and fringed harley davidson leather to keep me boss told me i looked 'hot and very rock and roll' now considering how inappropriate that is...but i suppose the compliment was balanced with an insult when he said that my unbrushed purple hair made me look like a troll (oh yes its purple hairdresser said i was too unadventruous with my hair and dyed a whole bunch of it a ridiculous purple hue-i quite like it) my boss then introduced me to his sister as the girl that 'only dates models and boys in bands...sort of a groupie'....and thats incredibly untrue i date moneyed men, writers and photographers too...
well theres lot to be said about the men in my life especially one particular midget man (hes like 5''5 whereas im 5''9) who wont leave me alone...but ill leave that for another time as im currently drinking my favourite rose which has tasted slightly odd these past few nights but i dont care im drinking to get drunk...and need to wear something that wont have me freezing to death in the snow just because i want to look beautiful. theres nothing hot about a girl clad in leather smoking marlboro reds and standing out in the cold...or maybe there is?


S. said...

The h&m dress is yummay :) I wouldn't have the balls to wear it though haha x

frances said...

i want outfit photooos i do. i always expect leather to be warmer than it really is, sigh. x