Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I'M BACK....(i promise)

Please ignore the fact I look like a pig in this picture, and the fact i am wearing legwarmers and converses..and the fact my outfit is slightly ridiculous (a group of my friends got drunk and decided that we should have a 'MASSIVE CHILLAAA' -i dont know what that means either- and go to a club dressed like this) however revel with me in my purchase.
Balenciaga Part-time baby! yeah!
i truly enjoy it, im sitting here stroking it right now. mmmm...
Anyways i have been away for a LONG time, i apologise, have no decent excuse just feeling less than expressive, but now i'm back in my home town of LANDAN TOWN and it feels good.
I went to new york in my blogging absence and i must say, Londoners are better dressed.
HA USA HA, i said it.
of course there are a many impeccably dressed new yorkers who's style surpasses the average, but there just seems to be more Londoners who give a damn.
So very glad to call this darling city my home despite the fact its currently raining like a ***** .
oh and did you guys hear zara online shopping starts on sept 2nd
im considering becoming an escort to keep myself in chic blazers and versace-inspired hankerchief skirts, thoughts?
n.b: I do not endorse prostitution.
Unless of course you're trying to afford Balmain...


Marlboro Martini said...


I'll have to update about the manz sometime soon m- your posts rock my worl - don't leave again!

miimii said...

oooo jealous that you went to new york lucky ;)
and i am very excited about the zara online shopping too !!
please visit my blog on
thank you :) x