Thursday, 21 July 2011

Countdown to LFW.

So on Saturday, the 2 month countdown to LFW began. I am terribly excited, being a born and bred Londoner I get excited about any sort of international focus on my beloved city. I’m like a proud and pushy parent wanting to show off the many talents of my child and LFW is definitely a chance to showcase London. We natives get an even greater creative license to go all out with our sartorial dress, (as if night outs in Shoreditch weren’t enough!) and get a chance to reveal our many raw design talents and our eccentric style in front of the world.

London really is the multi-cultural melting pot of style and design when it comes to renowned fashion weeks. New york is sophiscated urban minimalism, Milan embodies glamazon goddesses in sexualised tailoring, paris presents gamine and androgynous chic, whilst in London, anything (cool and eccentric) goes! So with that in mind, I’ve decided that once a week in the coming months until fashion week, I will post on my favourite designers past and present that show in London and embody that true brit insouciance and cool. What are all of your favourite British designers?

P.S. this is my new favourite song. (sorry, I keep shoving music into my posts, it probably comes from some deep seated egotism that makes me believe i have superior music taste, and for that I apologise.)

Lykke Li - Love out of lust.


Jen said...

eekkk excited too
and how weird currently ma fav song too.

Jen xx

Daisy Chein said...

You sound as proud of London as I am of Sydney! Though Sydney isn't as popular in the fashion industry as London, hopefully one day it will be :)

XO Daisy

Lola said...

Oh it must be so exciting!! Are you going to any shows? I can totally relate to you feeling quite proud, I'm proud of LFW and I don't even live in LondonXX

Anonymous said...

adoreee that margaret howell jumper, ahh yeh i was scared to change the name haha -hopefully people will still like it!

Harija said...

neat post and love your blog!

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Fly our sky said...

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